I know, I know.  You can do playback from a digital camera.  But wouldn’t you rather have a dedicated playback artist like myself?  The benefits are huge and can make a big difference.  The DIT cand ACs can concentrate on their jobs. There’s a dedicated video village to keep clients and agency away from the tech cart and directors monitor.  And of course, I can play back any take from throughout the day at lightning speed.  Don’t be fooled.  A dedicated playback system is an HD shoot’s good friend and confidant. 

I capture all takes in HD using a BlackMagic Ultra Studio Express.  Capture in HD.  Playback in HD.  As an editor in my non-VTR time, I also bring Premiere Pro into the mix so if you need to see what two shots look like together, no problem. Want to see something ramped up or slowed down?  Can do that too.  Key out green screen for a quick composite, just give me a few seconds...and...yep.  Ready for playback.  Basically an on-site editing station. I once composited 6 green screen shots into one, on location.  Not to brag or anything.

Current HD VTR Package Includes:

HD capture and playback of all shots.

17" Panasonic HD Directors Monitor on stand with wheels and external batteries.

32" Sony HD TV for video village.

Thermal Printer, cables, and all that other stuff.

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