Video Production / Editing / Motion Graphics Portfolio



KanRocksas 2013 Line-Up

KanRocksas wanted a video to introduce the 2013 festival line-up.  Featuring local artist John Bukatey, and shot over the course of 3 very long days, the video uses a different painting in time-lapse to introduce 61 different bands in 4 minutes.  

Winding River Camp & Ranch

The Girl Scouts of America needed a video to raise funds for their equestrian program at the Winding River Camp & Ranch in Dearborn, Missouri. Playback Productions produced the video, including script writing, shot lists, editing, graphics and final delivery. I brought on Eric Smith, a local videographer, to shoot the video.

Blue Hat Crane Rental Promo Video

This video started out as a simple time-lapse video of a construction crane being assembled over the course of three days, but quickly evolved into a promotional video featuring multiple time-lapse angles, unique GoPro footage, and an interview with the company President. After Effects played a big role in this video in order to display multiple images and video at once.


Gordmans In-Store Videos

The retail store Gordmans wanted some videos to play on all in-store displays.  Using stills and footage from a recent commercial campaign shot by Third Eye Productions, I edited a series of six videos to run on a loop.  Here are two of them that were shot in Memphis.

Kansas City Addy Awards Show Video

Playback Productions was asked to do a video segment to be played during the Kansas City Addy Awards Ceremony highlighting the role the judges play. It was a "show up and shoot" project, but Andy Romero caught some great b-roll, and we did a good on-site interview, and that always makes the edit easier.


Targeted Web Video

ContourMD, an e-commerce site that markets plastic surgery recovery garments, contacted Playback Productions to produce a web video to entice plastic surgeons to join their Affiliate Partner Program. Created entirely with stock photography and Adobe After Effects, this is an example of a quality web video that can be done on a tight budget.

Product Web Video

This web video is one of 20 individual product videos done for ContourMD. They set up a YouTube channel where all of the videos are featured, in addition to sending the videos out as email blasts.  We used  a manequin on a turntable in front of a green screen and did the keying and graphics in After Effects. All the videos call out the key features of the garment, while giving the shopper a 360 degree view.

ContourMD Web Video

This is a pop-up web video for ContourMD designed to give the shopper more information about what they will find on the ContourMD web site. The talent was shot on green screen and the graphics were finished in Adobe After Effects.



A new company called Olio needed a video to promote their web-based social media platform for live events. Since the company was just starting out, the challenge was to create the experience of using Olio without the luxury of having any actual video footage of people using the platform. A motion graphics based video was created to convey the viral and social media advantages of using Olio.

DeLaval - Product Video

This client needed a video to promote and explain a new product. Using testimonials from a company salesman and a client, with plenty of graphics calling out the key advantages of the product made for a successful video.

Production Company Video Tag

My friend Myron Taylor asked me to come up with a sign-off he could use at the end of various video projects. The name is Taylor Park Productions. This is what he got. If you know Myron, you know he liked it.

DeLaval - Who Are You?

This client wanted to add some fun to their quarterly  meetings with a series of interview segments designed to give their employees a chance to get to know each other and what they do at the company.  This is the intro that preceded each segment.


Mechanic in a Trunk

Playback edited this video for a local production company. Mechanic in a Trunk is a good example of a longer format infomercial.

Garden Weasel - Coneivore

Garden Weasel needed a video demonstrating their new pick-up tool, the Coneivore.  Script, shot list, videography, editing and graphics all done in-house at Playback Productions.


Wal Mart Good Works

I served as copywriter for this Wal-Mart spot produced by Bernstein-Rein. Shot in San Marcos, Texas by Russ Hadley of Third Eye Productions, this spot launched Wal-Mart's green initiative called, Good Works.


Wal Mart Nintendo Rumble Pack

I also served as copywriter on this Wal-Mart commercial for Nintendo. Featuring the Rumble Pack, Nintendo's latest gaming feature at the time that would vibrate the controller along with the action of the video game. This spot obviously exaggerated that feature.

Wal Mart Tire & Lube

Once again, I served as copywriter for this Wal-Mart commercial promoting their Tire & Lube service. The goals were to get across the idea that shoppers could drop off their car, do some shopping, and pick it up when they're done. And also to overcome the customer confusion about the location of the Tire & Lube service bays.


Science City at Union Station

Science City at Union Station needed a campaign to lead up to their grand opening. I served as copywriter for this campaign centering around a tabloid magazine and the tagline, "At Science City, even the impossible is probable."