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Rick's Flight in a L-29 Delfin

My brother Rick got his pilot's license and his wife Leah bought him a flight on a L-29 Delfin jet at March Air Force Base in California.  They took pictures and video and asked me to make something of out of it.  He mentioned that he had The Cult in mind as the music behind it.  I took it a little further.

Presidential Wishes

My dad had his 80th birthday last year and to celebrate, I made up some videos to show at his party.  In this one, some random Presidents get together for a special birthday wish.  If you like the impersonations, let me know.  if you don't, let Rich Little know.


Playback Meets Boogie Nights

This is what I felt like when I came up with the name for my production company. It was epic. But really, it was just playing around with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator.


Lincoln - Born to be Wild

This is my attempt at being a cool Uncle. My nephew Lincoln got a new car for Christmas. I got a GoPro. We decided to take him "for a spin" around the neighborhood.